Review: Tall Dark and Evil by Alexi Blake

Title: Tall Dark and Evil

Author: Alexi Blake

The Five Realms University is an open battlefield. After surviving three years of pranks, insults, and the occasional attempted murder, Alis thought she knew the rules of the game.

One encounter with Reiks, the golden prince everyone adores, shows her just how mistaken she was. He’s decided she’s his for his last year at Five, and no one can save her from his clutches, until an actual war comes knocking at the doors.

Alis had her reasons for staying under the radar for so long, but to survive, she might have to embrace the devastating magic in her blood, at the risk of destroying the entire world.

Born to take over a kingdom divided to its very core, Reiks has grown calculating and cruel, for the greater good.

He treats friends and foes as unwitting pawns on his board, until he comes to realize one piece might have been his enemy’s queen in disguise. Alis could be his undoing.

Or his salvation.

I grabbed this because of the cover, look at it!!!

Alis is a member of a powerful Witch family and at school she finds herself in a predicment with a future King and has to play his fake girlfriend. But everything is not as it seems!

I really enjoyed this and would recommend! I loved the world, the characters and the school setting. Especially loved Reiks but he reminded me of someone who should’ve existed years ago with the way he spoke! I still would though!!!!! There was one point where I was fanning myself!!!

Maybe the last quarter could’ve been fleshed out more, it seemed a bit rushed and I wanted all the deets! Would also love 2 more things:

1) other books in this world with other characters from this story,
2) an extended epilogue of where Reiks and Alis end up in the future!

Always wanting more!!!

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