TTT – Comfort Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is featured by That Artsy Reader Girl. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Topic – Comfort Reads

Comfort reads for me are books I like to reread when I’m in a funk, in a slump or I’ve just been hankering to read them again as something reminded me about the story!

For this post I’ve split into 2, books I’ve reread already and some I haven’t reread but want to!

Books I haven’t reread yet but know I will!

Zodiac Academy
The Love Hypothesis
Clockwork Prince

Books I’ve reread many times!
The Extraordinaires
The Rock Chick’s
Until the Sun Falls from the Sky
Ride Steady
Cash’s Fight
Reapers Legacy

How about you? What books are your comfort reads?

15 thoughts on “TTT – Comfort Reads

  1. I liked The Love Hypothesis for the most part, but the fact that the inciting event is a sexual assault really weirds me out. She grabs a stranger and kisses him without consent. Adam even threatens to file a Title 9 complaint, so it’s not like the author didn’t know she wrote a sexual assault That part was sketchy. The rest of the book was pretty good though. I really liked the chemistry between Adam and Olive.

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  2. I don’t actually reread books as comfort reads. I do however pick by story. If I need to know the world isn’t a horrible place I will pick up a predictable happily ever after, usually a romcom. Or if I’ve been bottling my emotions up, I will find a story that will make me cry and help me get out my pent up feelings.

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