Fairyloot YA Unboxing – April 2022: Bittersweet

April – Bittersweet

Happiness and sadness, love and betrayal, all must come to a bittersweet end. You might have been victorious… but at what cost?

Items inspired by The Night Circus, Strange The Dreamer, Addie LaRue and there will also be a fandom neutral item.

🖤 Night Circus Tray designed by @stellabookishart
🖤 Heart Fairy Lights by Fairyloot
🖤 Dreamer Pin inspired by the moth from Strange The Dreamer, designed by @jezhawk
🖤 Constellation Canvas Basket inspired by Addie with art from @blanca.design
🖤 Chang’e and Liwei from DotMG Tarot cards with art from @arz28
🖤 An Arrow to the Moon by Emily XR Pan – exclusive cover, sprayed edges and digitally signed.


Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye

Exclusive cover ✔️
Sprayed edges ✔️
Artwork on dust jacket by @lgions✔️
Art wrapped round hardcover✔️
Custom endpapers✔️
Signed ✔️

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