Review: Cafe Con Lychee by Emery Lee

Title: Cafe Con Lychee

Author: Emery Lee

Theo Mori wants to escape. Leaving Vermont for college means getting away from working at his parents’ Asian American café and dealing with their archrivals’ hopeless son Gabi who’s lost the soccer team more games than Theo can count.

Gabi Moreno is miserably stuck in the closet. Forced to play soccer to hide his love for dance and iced out by Theo, the only openly gay guy at school, Gabi’s only reprieve is his parents’ Puerto Rican bakery and his plans to take over after graduation.

But the town’s new fusion café changes everything. Between the Mori’s struggling shop and the Moreno’s plan to sell their bakery in the face of the competition, both boys find their dreams in jeopardy. Then Theo has an idea—sell photo-worthy food covertly at school to offset their losses. When he sprains his wrist and Gabi gets roped in to help, they realize they need to work together to save their parents’ shops but will the new feelings rising between them be enough to send their future plans up in smoke?

‘Sometimes bitter rivalries can brew something sweet!’

Enemies to lovers and food. My 2 favourite things combined!

Gabi and Theo are basically family business rivals but when a new cafe moves into town taking both families business, they put their issues aside and pair up to see what they can do to save the day (after a doozy of a misunderstanding, I actually cringed!)

This was such a cute read! Enemies, to friends, to bf’s!

I loved Gabi from the start. He’s a sweetheart. I didn’t actually like Theo that much at the start but he did grow on me. I know he had a lot going on but he’s just really rude to everyone!!

So we have teen drama, great writing and a story that made me hungry!!!!

This was a great little read and it’s really made want to try a boba tea as I’ve never had one!

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