Series Review: Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac by Caroline Peckham part 2

Title: Vicious Fae/Broken Fae/Warrior Fae

Series: Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac

Author: Caroline Peckham

What do a heartless Dragon Shifter, a cold-blooded Basilisk, an arrogant Lion Shifter and a brooding, tattooed Harpy have in common…?
Me. Elise Callisto. Vampire. Angel of vengeance. And a girl on a mission to destroy one of them for murdering my brother. I just don’t know which one did it yet.

When I kicked the ass of a Werewolf who was high on a new and dangerous drug called Killblaze, his final words painted a dark reality for me.

The King of Aurora Academy killed my brother.

The trouble is, there’s four kings at that school and each of them have motive and cutthroat natures.

Aurora Academy isn’t a place for the faint of heart. To put it lightly, my town is the asshole of Solaria where the dodgiest Fae in the kingdom reside. The school itself is divided by the two gangs who run this town. The Lunar Brotherhood and the Oscura Clan. And guess what? Two of the kings run the gangs at the school, their hatred for each other so fierce I hear a day doesn’t go by without blood being spilled in the halls.

I might be a petite, lilac-haired girl who looks like a fragile doll, but they haven’t been introduced to my fangs yet. And they don’t know why I’m really here. Or that I’ll do whatever it takes to bring down the Fae who took my flesh and blood from me.

I don’t believe in fate, but I do know this… the King who killed my brother is a dead man walking. And I’m prepared to sacrifice my heart, body and soul to ensure I get my revenge .


Wow! This book was actually emosh!

I loved seeing it all come together (sort of!) for Elise and we got to see some old school ZA characters and the beginning of beautiful friendships!

Ryder is still my fave ever. I mean who vould resist this…..’She was all of my broken, missing pieces. She was everything I needed and the only thing I wanted. She was sweet and pure and dark and twisted at once.’


With an ending that nearly crushed my heart with a twist I didn’t even see coming, I’m moving onto the next book!


Wow! Although this book had plenty of drama, action and schexy times, I couldn’t help but love the absolute hilarious moments!

Honestly Leon is just the best (apart from his toddler tantrums!)

A few of my highlights that I found hilarious were…..

* The Kiplings and the cake. Like the actual real life Kipling’s cake motto, they must certainly find their cakes to be ‘exceedingly good’!!!

* Christmas….so this is my fave time of year but Leon setting all that up made my year. The shirts, the tests, the bonding, the making of presents…Leon is actually a genius!

And for my fave Ryder. I will forever call him Rydikins in my head from now on!!!!


The conclusion……will King be found….will anyone die… Gareth alive…..will they all stay together and how?

As you can see I had a lot of questions!

So we had revelations, loads of action, drama, total violence and dare I say it….too much spice. It was just more of the same and I found myself skimming and I hate that.

‘The past has nothing else to say, but the future is an endless song.’

The extended epilogue made my life but I really wish they’d had more kids! And now I need Roary and Rosa and I really hope, Ethan

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