Illumicrate Unboxing – March 22: A LIFE OF ITS OWN

March 2022 theme is: A LIFE OF ITS OWN!

Sometimes things don’t act as you expect: sentient houses, skeletons that serve you breakfast, AI gone rogue.

Items inspired by Gideon the Ninth, Deathless, Murderbot, Other Words for Smoke and Howl’s Moving Castle!

πŸ’› We Do Bones Mug – artwork from @rosiethorns88 of Gideon the Ninth
πŸ’› Like a Winter Night Cushion Cover – inspired by Deathless with artwork by @afterblossom_art and designed by @chattynora
πŸ’› Murderbot’s Headphone Case – with artwork by @heyatlascreative
πŸ’› Howl’s Moving Castle Motel Keyring – with artwork from @blissfullybookishtees
πŸ’› Owl in the Wall Notepad inspired by Other Words for Smoke with artwork by @daphnasebbane


Gallant by VE Schwab

Redesigned cover
Digitally printed edges
Foil embossing
Artwork Endpapers by @rachelbostickillustration

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