Mini Review: Galatea by Madeline Miller

Title: Galatea

Author: Madeline Miller

In Ancient Greece, a skilled marble sculptor has been blessed by a goddess who has given his masterpiece – the most beautiful woman the town has ever seen – the gift of life. Now his wife, Galatea is expected to be obedience and humility personified, but it is not long before she learns to use her beauty as a form of manipulation. In a desperate bid by her obsessive husband to keep her under control, she is locked away under the constant supervision of doctors and nurses. But with a daughter to rescue, she is determined to break free, whatever the cost…

Galatea was made from stone by a sculptor and bought to life as his idea of a perfect woman. Only she doesn’t turn out to be ideal in his eyes.

The authors writing is so good as usual and her take on this myth was beautiful and, although short, actually heartbreaking.

I would love to read more short stories like this from her.

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