Series Review: Zodiac Academy 5 and 6 by Caroline Peckham

Cursed Fates #5
Fated Throne #6

My reviews

Cursed Fates

I’m in love with Geraldine Grus and I don’t care who knows it!

This book pulled on every emotion I had!

As usual, the characters cannot catch a break! When all this is over they need a looooong holiday!

Although I dont want this series to be over, part of me wonders if this is now being strung out too far?

I don’t really have much to say apart from a few things:

I was so unhappy with Orion,
Max and Geraldine makes my heart sing
Gabriel – love him
Is this actually the start of everyone working together?
That ending. *Insert tears*

Fated Throne

So naughty Li Li has made his move!

One thing that shone out for me in this book was the friendship (but I guess friendship in wolves clothing maybe?)

I don’t know whether I’ve got ZA burnout for  reading these books in quick concession but this one dragged for me. Also not too sure that I’m that enamoured with the introduction of the Heir’s siblings but there was certainly loads of action!

* Geraldine is still my fave ever!
* I still love Darius,
* I still love Caleb,
* I love Gabriel,
* I loved the friendship bond that has formed between Tory and Orion (even the ball kicking!)
* Clara and Daddy make me want to vom.
* Darius and Darcy were so cute!

‘Don’t ever let her go again, Darius Acrux. Don’t you hurt her or let her down or make her cry. I don’t know how we’ll fix everything, but we will. And when we do and you two can love each other like you’re meant to.’

But I loved that ending. Not the final, but a battle. I was going to wait to read the next book but now I don’t know!

5 thoughts on “Series Review: Zodiac Academy 5 and 6 by Caroline Peckham

  1. I am stopping at book four …for now as Tory really grated on my nerves and it was also down, down, down always down and never up!

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