Fairyloot Unboxing – February 2022: To the Moon and Back

February – To the Moon and Back

The moon shadows all but the brightest stars, and we all know of characters who will light the darkness for the ones they love. This box is dedicated to enchanting celestial worlds and our favourite lush romances.

Iems inspired by Crescent City, The Starless Sea, Wicked Fox, our featured book of the month and a fandom neutral item!

πŸ–€ Starless Sea Socks πŸ–€
Designed by @jezhawk inspired by The Starless Sea

πŸ–€ Crescent City Necklace πŸ–€
Crescent Moon necklace by Fairyloot

πŸ–€ Wicked Fox Art Print πŸ–€
Inspired by Wicked Fox, designed by @cyt_draws

πŸ–€ Moon Goddess Tote Bag πŸ–€
Based on the book of the month with artwork by @rosiethorns88

πŸ–€ Celestial Bookends πŸ–€
Bookends with the Moon, stars and sun designed by @jezhawk

πŸ–€ Tarot Cards πŸ–€
Mustang and Darrow from Red Rising illustrated by @lizzart_zardonicz


Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

Exclusive cover βœ”
Digitally sprayed edges βœ”
Artwork on the end papers βœ”
Foil embossing βœ”
(Both designed by @gracezhuart )
Signed βœ”

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