Series Review: Zodiac Academy books 2, 3 and 4 by Caroline Peckham

Ruthless Fae #2
The Reckoning #3
Shadow Princess #4


So obsessed part 2!

This book, even though some way dark stuff happens, was a hoot. Revenge is best served cold and those Vega twins can certainly dish it out!

We get different points of view in this book, not just the girls, and I actually quite liked seeing an insight to the boys.

I’m actually torn with the Heirs. Yes they are disgusting bullies but Caleb and Darius have wormed their way into my heart. I’ve been an Orion lover since book 1 and he’s still there ..right at the top of my list!

Another massive fave of mine is Geraldine!  ‘Geraldine – Smell that?
Tory –  Um…no?
Geraldine – It smells like the Heirs’ lives falling apart.’

Anyway no plot in here because you need to read but I’ll leave you with this…war has been declared on the fae.

The Reckoning

The Reckoning is here. Will we pass…I mean will the Vega’s pass?!!! Will their Order come out?

Firstly I just want to say that Geraldine wins this book for me…..look, look and tell me she is not the most fabulous creature on this planet! I swear if she ever dies in this series I will riot!!!

‘For the love of sanitary sausages, please tell me you aren’t bringing your depraved hobbies in here where we all eat our meals! It’s bad enough you paid a griffin to take a dump on your chest without bringing your randy rocket out with you for breakfast!’

So we have more in this book. More pranks, more laughs, more feelings, more lines that made my heart do back flips and just more of everything! OMG Darius, Caleb and Orion make my heart actually sing!

‘Because that’s what I do, I watch you and hunger for you and ache for you. It torments me like I torment you.’

I realise this isn’t much of a review but I’m in a rush to get to book 4!

Shadow Princess

Book 4, here we go!

Honestly at this point I want to make a book just of Geraldine and her comments!
‘I don’t keep a fil-o-fax of floppy fiddlesticks I’ve cadoodled with.’

I must admit Tory got right on my nerves for most of this book. I know she’s got a lot on her plate but she has lost that amusing snark and has gone into full treating people like crap mode constantly and I don’t like it. And honestly she is a fool.

Orion makes my life.
Darcy is the 2nd best character next to Geraldine!
Hated Seth a bit in this book.
Caleb and Darius still make my life
Washer still makes me gag
Diego is just creepy.

This book was hot. There was one point halfway through where I nearly imploded with the anticipation and heat!

That ending. OMG x 100. No way.
(I know I can’t even call this a review but I have zero f’s to give because I need to start that next book!)


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