Fairyloot Unboxing – January 2022: Monsters Within

January – Monsters Within

Monsters are real and they live inside us… but whether you keep that monster locked within or whether you unleash it is entirely up to you.

Items inspired by The Last Hours, These Hollow Vows, Scythe, This Savage Song and our featured book of the month.

πŸ–€ James Herondale Trinket Dish designed by @arz28
πŸ–€ Scythe Enamel Pin designed by @azura.arts
πŸ–€ Aaron Metalmark inspired by the book of the month, designed by @arz28
πŸ–€ These Hollow Vows Tea Towel designed by @stellabookishart
πŸ–€ August Flynn Pin (This Savage Song) designed by @lizzart.zardonics
πŸ–€ Tarot cards: Cassius  and Sevro from Red Rising


Only a Monster by Vanessa Len

Exclusive cover βœ”
Stencil sprayed edges βœ”
Endpaper artwork by @arz28 βœ”
Foil embossing by @arz28 βœ”
SignedΒ  βœ”


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