Romancing the Rad!!!!

As it’s February I thought I’d do some posts about books with romances that I loved……and these 2 were sweeter than chocolate!

Lemon Fresh and Grim

It’s no secret that Lemon Fresh is one of my top loves in my life. From her name, to her personality and to her back story, I just love her! She is fizzy and rad, hence romancing the rad (yes, I’m reaching!!!!)

So because of this, I really wanted her to have a lurve interest, like really wanted it! Soon as I heard about Grim, I knew he was the man for the job! They were so sweet together! I could’ve cried!

The problem I have is that there’s hardly no fan art or stuff for Lemon yet Lemon and Grim together and I want it. I need it!

Anyway, enough of my issues! Lemon and Grim for the win!

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