Arc Review: The Iron Sword by Julie Kagawa

Title: The Iron Sword

Series: The Iron Fey, Evenfall #2

Author: Julie Kagawa

As Evenfall nears, the stakes grow ever higher for those in Faery…

Banished from the Winter Court for daring to fall in love, Prince Ash achieved the impossible and journeyed to the End of the World to earn a soul and keep his vow to always stand beside Queen Meghan of the Iron Fey.

Now he faces even more incomprehensible odds. Their son, King Keirran of the Forgotten, is missing. Something more ancient than the courts of Faery and more evil than anything Ash has faced in a millennium is rising as Evenfall approaches. And if Ash and his allies cannot stop it, the chaos that has begun to divide the world will shatter it for eternity.

‘A shadow had fallen over Faery, the echo of a new prophecy hovering over it like a storm. The end has begun. Evenfall is coming. Faery and every living creature that exists under the sun are doomed.’

Me wanting to read this was a no brainer because of 1 word……Ash. (My love for him is strong!!)

Kierran is missing and something big is brewing so the crew set off to find him, Ash, Meghan, Grim, Nyx and Puck.

What follows are a series of adventures, a lot of meetings and action, creepy, dark monsters and a new foe, The Nightmare King.

Although I loved being back in this world, I did find the plot a bit slow in places but I loved seeing Meghan and Ash, Kierran, Puck and Nyx….I love them and they are close to my heart.

Another thing I loved was how this book captured a part of what SM is doing to society in a small way in real life: ‘Welcome to the internet, manufactured outrage is all the rage these days.’

I especially loved the idea of Evenfall, why didn’t I think of this before? But I won’t say anymore about that here as I don’t want to give anything away!

The ending was superb, can’t wait to see what happens next!

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