2021 – My year in books and Happy New Years Eve!

2021 – My year in books!

Here we are on the last day of the year! I hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve and ring in the new year with your loved ones.

I do love looking at my Goodreads stats when they’re published! Then I like to post about them for a sense of achievement (and satisfaction!) and also I can record here so I can look back!

Do you like to see your stats too?

For 2022 I am going to use Goodreads and also Storygraph too, in tandem, to see what the differences are in stats!

Here are my stats for 2021:

I read 95 books! 39, 725 pages read, wowee!!!!!

It appears I was flinging those 4 and 5 stars around like confetti and my average rating was 4.4!!

There were some other stats and info but I didn’t want to bore you all and though these were the most pertinent!!!

Have a great evening whatever you are doing! We are staying in and having a family Zoom call!

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