Wheel of Time anyone?

Anyone going to watch Wheel of Time?

I haven’t read the books but saw the trailer for this and it gave me chills!

I think Amazon Prime have 3 episodes that have released today and then each Friday one will release up until Christmas.

So I’m off to watch and, let’s face it, probably order the books too!!!!

10 thoughts on “Wheel of Time anyone?

  1. Oooo…I watched the first episode and part of the second. I haven’t read the books, but my husband has. Somehow he always has read whatever they turn into a series. I was confused at first, but by the end of the first episode, I was caught up and enjoying it. Hope you liked it!

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  2. If you have never read the books and you are never going to, you’ll probably enjoy the series.

    My husband has read the series many times over, and we spent most of the first episode cursing at the screen and wondering WHY things were changed (they were perfectly fine!!). It’s way too Game of Thrones-y (so much implied sex! and fridging the women!) and it’s not Wheel of Time at all.

    Brandon Sanderson also appears to be in full damage-control mode on Reddit, saying “Yes, I understand how you feel, I tried to get them to change it… Also, I don’t consider these to be book adaptations! Teehee!” So I don’t have high hopes for the series.

    The first episode was actually incredibly painful to watch (not the least because the effects are so cheap and cheesy; they shouldn’t be like that with a $10 million budget per episode!) and unfortunately we have to watch all of them, because my husband’s got a media podcast and has to get through them somehow. It’s probably going to involve a lot of alcohol because it’s just bad all the way around.

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    1. I do think I want to read the books but it won’t be until next year. Most book to TV are always a bit poop. I’ll go and look and see what Brandon Sanderson said, love him ❤


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