Fairyloot Unboxing: September 21 – UPRISING!

Fairyloot – September 2021


Whether you’re a hero risking everything to destroy an evil force, a warrior partaking in a battle of epic proportions or a guardian rising up against someone that is trying to harm your loved ones, fighting back for what you believe in and to save the ones you love is one of the tropes that we enjoy the most in a fantasy book.

Items inspired by Six Crimson Cranes, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, An Ember in the Ashes and The Prison Healer.

💜 Card Holder designed by @jezhawk and inspired by The Prison Healer

💜 Six Crimson Cranes Socks with detailing by @catarinabookdesigns

💜 Daughter of Smoke and Bone Tapestry with artwork from @sallteas

💜 An Ember in the Ashes Enamel Pin designed by @jezhawk

💜 Tarot cards – designed by @morgana0anagram and feature Caraval characters (Jacks and the Fallen Star)

💜 Beasts of Prey by Ayana Gray – yes, 2 BOOKS! Exclusive cover and a digital signature


Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer

Exclusive cover
Sprayed edges
Foil on case
Reverse dust jacket art by @lizzart_zardonicz
Ribbon bookmark

10 thoughts on “Fairyloot Unboxing: September 21 – UPRISING!

  1. Great unboxing! I enjoyed reading both book picks as arcs so I am happy to have them both on my shelves in these stunning editions.

    Liked by 1 person

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