Closing the Chapter: August 2021

Welcome to Closing the Chapter! I hope you had a great reading month?

I had a bad start to the month after popping a disc out in my back and trapping a nerve. The pain was so bad! Fabulous timing for the start of school holidays, my poor son basically had to stay in with me and to top it off, his pc broke as well so hasn’t been the greatest of months! Onwards and upwards though eh!

I decided I needed to read some of my Netgalley books this month and I knew it was going to be a great reading month and I wasn’t wrong! I read 9 books and half of them were Netgalley reads!

Dark Prince by Michelle Hercules
See my review here

Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune
See my review here

The Gilded Cage by Lynette Noni
See my review here

Fire With Fire by Destiny Soria
See my review here

Because You’re Mine by Clare Contreas
See my review here

Rejected by Jaymin Eve
See my review here

Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson
See my review here

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim
See my review here

Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer
See my review here

What did you read in August?

9 thoughts on “Closing the Chapter: August 2021

  1. I hope you are feeling better now! And that September would be an amazing month, to made up for August!
    But on the bright side, you did read a lot of interesting books!! (this will not make the pain go away, but it do wonders for the mood, right?)

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