Series Review: Horde King of Dakkar series by Zoey Draven

I fell into the rabbit hole of the gloriousness that is the Horde Kings of Dakkar……it was just what I needed and ate up 3 books in 2 days!

I won’t write the blurbs out here but basically there are human settlements on the world of Dakkar and there are certain laws the humans need to adhere to as to not provoke the wrath of the alien race that owns the planet, the Dakkari. The laws are policed by 6 Horde Kings who are nomadic and when a misdemeanor happens, the Horde Kings get more than they bargained for!

Captive of the Horde King

I went into this one because I had read so much ya fantasy recently that I needed, well, more and what’s more perfect than an alien warrior Prince claiming his human queen?

I actually really enjoyed it, I read it in a few hours! It totally reminded me of a few concepts from other books mashed together but it really worked and it was actually quite sweet!

The other guy at the end really intrigued me so I might get the next book too!

‘Rinavi leika, rei Morakkari. Lo kassiri tei. Lo kassiri tei.’ 

Claimed by the Horde King

‘She broke their laws. Now, he has come to punish her…’

I couldn’t resist, I had to read this one after that tantalising snippet at the end of book 1. I think I liked this story more than the first!

I don’t really want to spoil anything so I’ll only say about the plot that it’s another Horde King and another human female….and I loved her and her questions!

‘This is you and me, Nelle.’

But the author did it again.  A tantalising snippet about the guy from the next book. And I cannot deny I need to read it. And I’m going to read it now!

Madness of the Horde King

Honestly I can’t stop reading this series, 3 books in 2 days!

I think this was my fave though, I mean I do love a dark leading man!

Vienne comes to the Capital to deliver a message from an enemy and unexpectedly meets someone in a dark alley, but it may turn out to be the best thing she has ever done!

The Mad King was divine and, of course, has a tragic past but Vienne is good for him and it was just beautiful to read!

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