Mini Review: The Queen of Gilded Horns by Amanda Joy


Title: A Queen of Gilded Horns

Series: A River of Royal Blood #2

Author: Amanda Joy

Now on the run, Eva is desperate for answers about her transformation and her true heritage. Along with Aketo, a small contingent of guards, and the sister she could not kill, Eva flees Ternain in hopes of finding friends and allies to the north–not to mention Baccha–to help her decide what to do next. Princess Isa is a difficult, unremorseful captive, and Eva knows better than to trust her sister, but she wants to. Despite their history, Eva is convinced that to survive the growing unrest in the queendom, she and her sister must make peace. Since the Entwining ceremony, Eva’s and Isa’s lives have been bonded, and each can only die by the other’s hand. This perhaps provides an opening for a truce and a more hopeful future for both the sisters and the queendom, if only Isa would see reason and give up the battle for the throne.

With the two princesses on the run, the Queendom of Myre is on the brink of a revolution. And without Baccha to guide and train her magick, Eva must find a way not only to survive her own metamorphosis, but to unite all the people of Myre, including her sister, by finally taking the Ivory Throne.

I loved A River of Royal Blood so couldn’t wait to read this.

And I did really enjoy it. Maybe a tiny little bit slow in parts but loved the old history that came out and all the secrets that were revealed.

The cast of characters in this duology were just amazing! Baddies written with just the right amount of evil and the goodies weren’t portrayed as angels either which I really liked.

Aketo is still my main dude and him and Eva made my heart sing although I would’ve loved to feel their connection a bit more.

I liked the different povs in this book, especially Isa’s.

But there was one character who I did not like, Ysai. I won’t say anymore but if you read, you’ll see!

I really hope there is more from this world, especially featuring Baccha!!!

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