Would You Rather Book Tag!

Disclaimer – I can’t remember where I saw this tag or even if I was tagged but I do know it was  at the end of last year that I saw it and saved the questions but forgot who posted so please accept my humblest apologies creator!!!

But anyway, here we are….The Would You Rather Book tag

1 – Would you rather a series you love never get its final book, or have its final book with an ending you dislike?

Omg it’s Game of Thrones all over again!!!! But seriously I would rather have the book with an ending I dislike because, and even with GoT, I try to see the best in things!

2 – Would you rather your favourite series get a cheesy adaptation with the perfect cast, or an otherwise good adaptation with a cast you hate?

Oooh this is difficult! Probably good adaptation with a cast I hate!

3 – Would you rather cry at every book you read, or never feel strong emotions about any book you read?

Another hard one!!!! I’m not a crier at all so probably the 2nd option (which in itself is sad!)

4 – Would you rather meet your favourite author or your favourite character?

Author I think.

5 – Would you rather every book you read have romance, or never read a book with a romance again?

Romance. Give me all the romance!!!!

6 – Would you rather read a book with a great plot and unlikable characters, or a boring plot and amazing characters?

I guess boring plot and amazing characters? This is a really hard one which I have been going back and forth on! Let’s hope I never have to choose in real life!!!!

7 – Would you rather visit any bookish world you want, but only for an hour, or only visit one bookish world, but stay as long as you want?

With the first option could I keep going back?! I’d like to visit quite a few so first option with the chance of going back if I really like it for another hour!!!

8 – Would you rather never blog again, or have to post a blog post every single day?

Every single day please! I think I’d be lost never blogging again! But I do worry the content might get a bit rubbish if I had to post every day!

9 – Would you rather give up your blog and keep all bookish social media, or keep your blog and leave all bookish social media?

Oh gawd, whaaaaaaaat? Thing is platform popularity changes frequently. At the moment for me, FB is out and IG is in but WordPress has always been the constant. After having a war in my brain for a bit I’ve decided the 2nd option but I really wouldn’t want to do it!!!!

10 – Would you rather read outside on a sunny day, or inside on a rainy day?

Inside on a rainy day. Inside all the time in fact! My skin hates the sun (thanks immune system and sun allergy) so I can’t really read in the sun any longer.

9 thoughts on “Would You Rather Book Tag!

  1. Some of these questions are super tough! I can’t imagine quitting blogging, but I also don’t think I could post something everyday. Reading inside while it’s raining is one of my guilty pleasures (I also have sun allergy!)

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  2. I got the name of my blog from a game of “Would You Rather.”
    One day in February of 2008, my family was playing a game called “Would You Rather” and got a card asking whether we’d rather have three questions answered or be able to resurrect someone. The kids and I went for the three questions, but Ron was hesitating over resurrection. “Oh come on,” I said, “necromancy never pays; literature shows us this over and over.”
    “Oh yeah,” Ron said, “The Monkey’s Paw.”
    And then we went on to the next card. Some things are just clear, once you remember all the stuff you’ve read about them.

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