Mini Review: Ironside by Holly Black


Title: Ironside

Series: Modern Faerie Tales #3

Author: Holly Black

In the realm of Faerie, the time has come for Roiben’s coronation. Uneasy in the midst of the malevolent Unseelie Court, pixie Kaye is sure of only one thing — her love for Roiben. But when Kaye, drunk on faerie wine, declares herself to Roiben, he sends her on a seemingly impossible quest. Now Kaye can’t see or speak to Roiben unless she can find the one thing she knows doesn’t exist: a faerie who can tell a lie.

Miserable and convinced she belongs nowhere, Kaye decides to tell her mother the truth — that she is a changeling left in place of the human daughter stolen long ago. Her mother’s shock and horror sends Kaye back to the world of Faerie to find her human counterpart and return her to Ironside. But once back in the faerie courts, Kaye finds herself a pawn in the games of Silarial, queen of the Seelie Court. Silarial wants Roiben’s throne, and she will use Kaye, and any means necessary, to get it. In this game of wits and weapons, can a pixie outplay a queen?

Holly Black spins a seductive tale at once achingly real and chillingly enchanted, set in a dangerous world where pleasure mingles with pain and nothing is exactly as it appears.

So, am back in this world after loving the first 2 books.

Before I started, I admit the premise of this book irked me that Roiben had to give Kaye a quest to prove her declaration to him. I would’ve told him to get on his bike and stick it!

But then I guess we wouldn’t have a story and also because I wanted more Roiben, I dived in….and in the end, I wasn’t disappointed….

‘I taught myself to feel nothing. And you make me feel.’

But…..I didn’t love this as much as the first book and I can’t even put my finger on why. The shining light for me in this book was Corny. Just fabulous.

This was dark, full of death and torture and was an enjoyable read!

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