Want to see what I’ve been up to on IG?!!!

Do you use Instagram?

I’ve slowly but surely been getting used to it and find I am absolutely loving it!

I love taking the pictures, showing off books, getting props that I think go with the book, discovering where to place everything so it looks good – sometimes I fail though but its a learning curve!

Another great thing about Bookstagram I have found is the community.  I love looking at other people’s pictures and commenting on their photos, talking about books, getting book reccies and generally making some friends!

My IG is @cjrtb_books if you want to follow me (I would greatly appreciate it!) and here are a few of the pics I have taken and posted lately:

6 thoughts on “Want to see what I’ve been up to on IG?!!!

  1. Ahh your photos are so awesome! Unfortunately I don’t have an Instagram to follow you, but I’ll admire your pictures from here!

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