Shadow and Bone…something surprising!

I am a massive fan of the Grishaverse, I’ve read all the books and was waiting for the show with bated breath!

I binged watched Shadow and Bone Friday and yesterday with my son. I did wonder what it was going to be like, 2 series set in the same world, mushed together.

My verdict was that it was different from the books but there were scenes and lines that I remember (and loved) and I lived for those (and basically shouted them in my sons face when they happened!!!)

So I liked it. It was powerful, had that watchability and I couldn’t wait to queue up the next episode!

But there were some things I found surprising……

In the books I didn’t really warm to Kaz. But the actor who played Kaz in the show did a flamin wonderful job. He was excellent and I really liked him.

Jesper in the books, I didn’t not like him, I just really didn’t pay him much attention but in the TV show he made my day, shining star for me!

Same with Inej. I didn’t not like her in the book but didn’t love her either but because of the TV show, I now have a new found respect for the character.

Mal in the book I didn’t like him not at all, he was boring. But in the tv show, loved him loads!

And the biggest surprise of all……I am the biggest Darkling fan ever. The books made me fall in love with him in all his evilness. But in the show, I found he gave me the creeps and not in a good way (!) so that was a massive disappointment for me!!!!

Something the same though was those Nina and Matthias moments. In the book and the show, I lived for them! Those 2 make my heart warm!

So I guess there will be more? Will they bring the Apparate in? I want more Nina and Matthias but I want that to deviate from the book! I want more Kaz. I want Nikolai! I want it all and I want it soon!!!!

Have you watched yet?

14 thoughts on “Shadow and Bone…something surprising!

  1. I’m really looking forward to it, but I promised myself I’d read the books first. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far. Hope it meets your expectations with the characters too! 😉

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  2. Ahh I watched some episodes and I love it! Me too, I really didn’t warm up to Kaz in the books but he was outstanding in the show, as well as the rest. I was a Malina shipper from the beginning lol but I found them in the show too cute and I’m shipping them here too. And I’m still mad they gave darkling a name. Why?? I’m glad you enjoyed this💛

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      1. That name was revealed only in the last book (Ruin and Rising) I think his title was the Darkling, not general

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      2. Lol I hated him in the books but he is okay in the show…to each their own!!😜🤗


  3. Is this based on the original Shadow & Bone trilogy (which I haven’t read yet), or is this based on Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom (which I have read)? I assumed Shadow & Bone was a long-ago prequel trilogy to the duology, but now it sounds like I might be wrong about this?

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