My Haul: March 2021 (I’m naughty!)


Here we go at the end of March!

I’m not even going to give any spiel on any bans, limits etc I set because it’s abundantly clear that I can’t do any of that and all bets are off 😂

I am starting to keep a log of how much I spend in a month on books to see just how bad I am (not including March as I spent £79 on the From Blood and Ash set and a special edition of Namesake from Fairyloot 😂😂).

📚 Physical/E-book

Penryn and the End of Days Trilogy by Susan Ee


The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Crave by Tracy Wolff

📑 Arcs


A Dark and Hollow Star by Ashley Shuttleworth

Vulture by Bex Hogan



This Golden Flame by Emily Victoria

What did you haul in March?

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