Love In February 21 Photo Challenge Day 5!


So basically Knight is a control freak, egotistical and dare I say it, a bit crazy but totally hawt. Just my kind of man!!!

And also…..*Daddy alert* I warn you now, it’s used in this book but hopefully, like me, you can skip over those parts and enjoy the story!!!

What’s your favourite book with a flawed hero or heroine?

As you might have seen, I am taking part (and co-hosting!) Love in February 21. Its a photo challenge on Instagram to showcase our favourite romance books!

You can join in on Instagram (we would love that!) and there is a GIVEAWAY at the end of the month – 1 winner will get a book of choice up to 24 USD (Amazon or Book Depository must ship to your country).

Make sure you use the hashtag #loveinfebruary21 and follow us on Instagram. To do this go to my announcement post here and that will take you to who you need to follow!

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