Merry Blogmas!

Last year was my first ever time joining in Blogmas and I really loved doing it (and reading other peoples post’s) so decided to do it again! I think after the year we have had, we need some cheer!

I’m hoping this will be a fun series of posts on the blog starting on 2nd December and ending on Christmas Eve!

I know that’s more than 12 days………..

I’ve seen most bloggers participate in Blogmas and post on consecutive days but I didn’t want to pressure myself that much over the Christmas lead up so I’ll be posting Blogmas posts every other day.

The prompts I’ll be using are:

2nd – introduction

4th – look back at Top 5 Tuesday books I wanted to read

6th – favourite Christmas films

8th – anticipated 2021 books

10th – would you rather Christmas edition

12th – look back 2020 anticipated reads

14 – 2021 book plans

16th – Books I didn’t get to

18th – my Christmas so far

20th – my challenges: a close

22nd – best books 2020

24th – Happy Christmas!



10 thoughts on “Merry Blogmas!

  1. It’s my 1st year. I’m doing 12 Days of Blogmas every other day. It’s been fun so far but I’ve still go latter posts to write. Next year I’ll be more organised. I’m going to enjoy reading through your posts, Caro.

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      1. I’ve really enjoyed doing Blogmas but you’re right, Caro, next year I’ll be more organised and write my posts earlier! Lol!

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