Beat the Backlist 2021!!!

NovelKnight’s Beat The Backlist is back and I’m totally in!


❓Do you have books on your to-read list that already released?

❓Do you struggle to get to those backlist books with all the new releases each year?

❓ Do you enjoy relaxed reading challenges you can do at your own pace?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, then Beat the Backlist might be for you!!!!!

At the time of writing this post I have 50 books on my tbr. It was over 80 but I had a good whittle down of it. There was stuff on there that I will probably never read. They were all ebooks and I was enticed in by the reduced (or free) price! So……

My goal for BTB 2021 is 25 books.

I’m not naming books as that doesn’t go well for me so I’m just halving my tbr and I’ll read 25 from there!

Let me tell you all about BTB 2021 as there are changes:

  • See NovelKnights post here.
  • The book must be published in 2020 or before.
  • You have to start and finish the book in 2021.
  • Any format, any genre.
  • No team mini challenge.
  • No photo challenge
  • Bingo is back
  • No formal sign-up
  • Download graphics from NovelKnights post.

10 thoughts on “Beat the Backlist 2021!!!

  1. 100% doing this 🙂 Thanks for telling us about it, I have a million books I need to read. I think I’ll have my goal be 50-75 books for 2021. My total goal for 2021 is 100 books, and I read mostly backlists anyways. I’ll post on my blog about it and link back to you and and novelknight


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