Authors I’ve read most books by

I saw this somewhere, I think it was a Top 5 or 10 Tuesday, my apologies for not tagging but I can’t remember where I saw it (I’m still suffering lockdown brain!)

I thought this was a fab idea but as I am technically challenged it took me a while to figure out where I could get a tool to interpret the data from the .csv file from Goodreads!

Luckily I found a Bookstats tool here

You just need to add your exported .csv file.

The results really surprised me! Look how many romance authors versus YA authors!

  • Cora Reilly – 15 books
  • LJ Shen – 17 books
  • Amo Jones – 19 books
  • Sarah J Maas – 19 books
  • Anne Malcom – 20 books
  • Cora Brent – 22 books
  • Tillie Cole – 24 books
  • Aurora Rose Reynolds – 28 books
  • Jamie Begley – 30 books
  • Kristen Ashley – 37 books

I think this is something I will do periodically, maybe annually or every 6 months.

Have you ever done this?

Were you surprised at your results?

11 thoughts on “Authors I’ve read most books by

  1. All my books are logged on Goodreads, their shelves are sortable, I’m sure I could find out without too much fuss but I do like the idea of this book stat tool. Thanks for sharing it, Caro.

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