Review: Viper by Bex Hogan

Title: Viper

Series: Isles of Storm and Sorrow #1

Author: Bex Hogan

He will make me a killer. Or he will have me killed. That is my destiny.

Seventeen-year-old Marianne is fated to one day become the Viper, defender of the Twelve Isles.

But the reigning Viper stands in her way. Corrupt and merciless, he prowls the seas in his warship, killing with impunity, leaving only pain and suffering in his wake.

He’s the most dangerous man on the ocean . . . and he is Marianne’s father.

She was born to protect the islands. But can she fight for them if it means losing her family, her home, the boy she loves – and perhaps even her life?

I can’t tell you why I’ve taken so long to read this but blimey, I was hooked!

The world building was fab, numbered islands each completely different from one another coupled with the villains of the sea aboard the Maiden…….the Snakes and their Captain, The Viper.

All I can say about The Viper is that he is a very bad man. Marianne, his heir, is stuck under his control until the night of her Initiation so she can start her journey to take over as Viper…..and this is where her story is told, twists, revelations (a couple of which I was expecting!) and action.

Marianne, even though devalued by the Viper, is strong, she has morals and now she has a mission!

In the next book I want more, more Torin, more magic, more Grace and Bronn…..I’m so needy, I want it all!

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