Not Top 5 Tuesday: Books by my fave authors I still need to read

With Shanah being super busy and taking a well deserved blog break, there is no Top 5 Tuesday for July so I thought I’d have a go at doing my own (not all the time, I struggled to come up with this!!!)

So this week I thought I’d share with you books by my favourite authors I still have to read on my tbr and why!

Becoming his Monster by Amelia Hutchins

I’ve put this off. Purposefully put this off. I loved the first book so much and the 2nd book broke my heart and I know this one is going to rip it out. One day. One day I’ll pull my big girl pants up. But today is not that day!


Three Wishes by Kristen Ashley

This is one of my fave authors, probably right there at the top but I haven’t read this. I bought it because of the blurb and the fact that the great KA wrote it but just haven’t got round to it. (Seriously, read that blurb!)


Obsidio by Jay Kristoff

Loved Illuminae and Gemina when I listened to them but couldn’t find this on audio yet here in the UK so I bought the ebook. But I really, really want it on audio so have put off reading it! Isn’t it weird these quirks we have!


My Maddie by Tillie Cole

Souls Unfractured stomped all over my heart and made me nearly blub so knowing this is going to be emosh, I need to be in the proper headspace!


Gavin’s Song p1 by Jamie Begley

This is going to be a trilogy so I’m doing something I’ve never done before…I’m waiting for all 3 books to come out so I can devour all 3 in a row!

6 thoughts on “Not Top 5 Tuesday: Books by my fave authors I still need to read

  1. I’m waiting for the rest of Jamie Begley’s trilogy to be complete too! I haven’t read book 2 from Amelia Hutchins because I heard mixed reviews about it, My Maddie IS emotional and finally, KAs Three Wishes is a fun read!😍


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