TBR help!!!! (Save me from my insanity!)

Just a short one today and I hope this doesn’t come across as a rant!

I have a tbr of probably 150 books and deciding which one to read next is hard!

I agonised last night about what to pick up next and also again this morning when I got up, crazy right?!!

I have an old skool notebook of my tbr, I looked through them a few times, read blurbs, looked at covers, made a shortlist. But still I wavered.

So here I am now and still haven’t got a book that I’m going to read.

Its driving me crazy!

Apart from arcs, what’s your process?

Send help and tips, I need this!

15 thoughts on “TBR help!!!! (Save me from my insanity!)

  1. Ugh, I feel this! I always kinda have an idea of what I want to read next even before I finish my current read, though sometimes I second guess myself and end up in this spiral and pick up, like, 6 different books before I settle on one!

    You could use an online site to randomize the ones that seem intriguing and then pick one, maybe then your gut will give away what you really want to read!! Sometimes that helps me decide (:

    Hoping you find a good one to start, I’ve got my fingers crossed for ya! xx (:

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  2. Oh boy. A readers favorite thing or worst nightmare depending upon our moods! If I don’t have an ARC deadline or a library book due, I choose one out of my kindle by the mood I’m in. Usually if I just finished one genre I’ll switch and read a different one too. Good luck!

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  3. Are you a libra? Because this is the story of my life.

    Honestly, I try to pick out something that’s different from what I’ve been reading lately. If I notice I haven’t picked up anything sci-fi in a while I’ll go for that, or maybe something more serious if I’ve been reading books that are more fun. A lot of times that doesn’t narrow it down a lot, so I just go with what’s available immediately at the library, lol. Lately I’ve also been trying to prioritize ownvoices authors, which helps.

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    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m a Gemini, total split personality!!!!!

      Someone had the great idea of an online randomiser so I’m going to try that! But your swapping genres idea is also intriguing, so ill try that too!!! Thanks 😁

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      1. Good luck with the randomizer. That sounds like something 13-year-old me would have done. I was super into hitting the shuffle button on my discman as a random number generator. πŸ˜‚

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  4. It’s tough, Caro. Obviously any ARCs that have to be read for blog tours or by a specific date need to come first. I like the idea of using an online randomiser. I used to use monthly reading challenges to reduce my choices. I’d know which books on my TBR would satisfy tasks before I signed up. I’m taking a break from monthlies this year and just focusing on a couple of annuals.
    Good luck. Let us know which you choose. x

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