Fairyloot Blood & Honey Collector’s Edition Box – I did it!

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin was a book I completely and utterly devoured and loved so when I saw this was coming I knew I needed to get it!

I must admit the ordering process is frustrating. It took me over an hour to actually order it due to all the website errors I was getting…..but I got there after AN HOUR!!!


The box features an EXCLUSIVE EDITION of Blood & Honey with 5 items.

The edition of Blood & Honey will have


We know that there will be a blanket and a tarot deck of the 22 major arcana featuring artwork by @oblivionsdream.

You could’ve also ordered a copy of Serpent and Dove to match but I already have it (my bank account thanks me!)

Did you get any Blood and Honey book boxes?

16 thoughts on “Fairyloot Blood & Honey Collector’s Edition Box – I did it!

    1. Congrats! I tried for over an hour because of the database errors but I got there. Fairyloot got so much flack for it but I feel so bad for them, they try so hard and get so much crop from people. Soon they will stop doing special stuff.


  1. I got it too!! I had SO many problems with the website and had to constantly refresh just to get anywhere. I also had a card issue where my card company wouldn’t let me order something overseas and thought someone stole my card. It was a whole thing. I also got the matching Serpent & Dove because I missed it the first time! A hit to the wallet but I don’t even care – I’m so excited!

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    1. This is a UK based box but they do have a shipping centre in the US so postage should be OK. There is a wait list for a subscription at the moment I think though. I think Sophie gets this too.

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