Am I mad part 2?!!!

I’ve been giving serious thought to doing a Rick Riordan reread/read.

I sort of abandoned the 5 different series quite a few years ago but lately I’ve been thinking about picking back up….but that’s 21 very solid looking books!

My son has The Lightening Thief so I picked it up and read it….in 1 day and was completely engrossed! Then I ordered the set as I found it for £10! I do have some of Heroes of Olympus books and all the Kane Chronicles, I just need to find them!

So the question is, do I start reading the rest?

I’ve had many thoughts, maybe a binge month or read 1 a month or 2 a month but I just cant get settled on how best to tackle it.

Am I mad?

Have you ever reread a mammoth series?

How would you break it down to read?

6 thoughts on “Am I mad part 2?!!!

    1. Me too….but my friend told me that I’m mad and I should read them all. They do intrigue me but that’s a lot of books to catch up with and I really enjoyed reading Lightning Thief again……decisions, decisions!


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