20 Books of Summer is on again!!!!

20 Books of Summer is on again!

I’ve done this challenge for the last 2 years (or is it 3, I forget!) so wanted to join in again!

Cathy746books is running it and you can see her original post here.

Basically it starts on 1 June and finishes 1 September and all you have to do is read 20 books, easy right?!

So for the books……well……

I’ve chosen to read my backlist books from Helena Hunting, all 11 of them!

All In Series

A Lie for a Lie #1

A Favour for a Favour #2

A Secret for a Secret #3



Shacking Up series

Shacking Up #1

Hooking Up #2

I Flipping Love You #3

Making Up #4

Handle With Care #5



Pucks and Penalties 274

Meet Cute 385

The Good Luck Charm 353



For the other 9 books I’m going to do a bit of a cop out and not choose any.

Hear me out!

In the spirit of not making any reading lists for the year I’m going to pick the last 9 books depending what I’m in the mood for. Also I think it takes the pressure off. What I’m in the mood for now, I might not be in July or August so pressure taken off!


Will you be joining in this year?

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