Review: By Any Other Name by Kayti McGee and M Pierce

Title: By Any Other Name

Authors: Kayti McGee and M Pierce

The locals believe the bridge to be haunted, as locals do.
The Juniper Hollow Ravine is where my story begins…

For decades, the Blackmane coven has run the small mountain town of Juniper Hollow with money and fear.
Thorn Blackmane might be the most feared of all.

Cold-blooded. Heartless. Killer.
His magic only has one purpose–to destroy the coven’s enemies. Until he’s ordered to kill a girl.

Rose came to town innocently enough, but her very presence is a threat to Thorn’s family.

Her pure heart offers redemption from his many sins.

Her body is an opportunity to commit many more.

And her magic could destroy them all.

There is no spell as potent as obsession.

No protection more powerful than love.

Secrets. Desire. Death.

Their forbidden union could be the spark that burns Juniper Hollow to the ground.

‘The Juniper Hollow Ravine is where my story begins.’

And oh my god, it did! I am a first time reader for these authors and I was totally hooked from the first page. I’m a lover of pnr and haven’t really read that many books about witches so this was a refreshing change.

The anticipation, omg I was literally on the edge of my seat, flipping page after page!

This was like reading a role reversal, the good and innocent turn to the darker side and the darker side takes a trip the the lighter side! It was fab!

And that ending. I need more!

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