My little Easter readathon!

My own little Easter readathon!

I have been in a massive slump this year that I was just coming out of….then the ‘rona’ struck the world and my concentration took a further nose dive!

I really thought that in the event of not being able to go out that I’d be reading a book a day, but alas that has not been the case so I decided that over the Easter weekend, I was going to push myself!

I read 3 books which for me at the moment is great!

By Any Other Name by Kayti McGee and M Pierce

‘The Juniper Hollow Ravine is where my story begins.’

See my full review in the next couple of days! #Imatease

Ho, Ho Hennessy by Jamie Begley

Arin, Jewel’s friend, comes to The Last Riders looking for a confidence boost after her ex left her self confidence buried in the ground.

Enter Hennessy, who makes Arin think her ex-husband was right!

But as with this authors previous books, she makes us gasp and hate and then gives us the beautiful back in spades!

Another great little story for the series and hearing Winter’s long line of sneaky bets to get stuff for the school kids made me very nostalgic….maybe a reread ahead!

Baiting Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds

‘No one looks like Gaston. No one cooks like Gaston. No one refuses to read a good book like Gaston’

Those few words (that I sang to the tune!) after a bathroom incident, set the scene on Gaston’s pursuit of Chrissie, the fall and the drama that unfolds. And it was wonderful!

Another great, short hit from this author.

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