A Book and a Candle: ACOMAF by Sarah J Maas

Whilst we are in lockdown I wanted to take some pictures of my book-ish stuff and thought I might make this a regular thing in April.

So a Book and a Candle was born (I have lots of candles!!!)

First I give you my favourite Sarah J Maas book…..

A Court of Mist and Fury!

I’ve got my Night Court candle (yes, I’ve done the test and I am, in fact, a member of the Night Court!!)

Do you like collecting candles to go with your books?


4 thoughts on “A Book and a Candle: ACOMAF by Sarah J Maas

    1. I love candles…but really dont want to burn them so they are no more!!!!

      I googled it the test (it was ages ago and cant remember which one it was!!!) If you do one, let me know what court you are!!!


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