It’s World Book Day!


I thought I would use World Book Day to share the series that made me fall back in love with reading….

My son has gone to school as Harry Potter for the 6th year running (!) but I realised I use the Harry Potter series a lot in my posts so I wanted to veer away from that….and that got me thinking…

When I was young I loved reading, always had my head in a book but when I hit teenage years that stopped…that was until my boss lent me a book to read for my holiday……I loved it and I ate the series up and, voila, my love for reading was back!

No groans please…….Twilight!

(Yes that is my son’s voice changer but it passes for vampire teeth yes?!!!)

10 thoughts on “It’s World Book Day!

  1. Although we all collectively groan over these books we can’t deny that for most of us these books were a huge part of our lives as teenager. The Twilight books is what made me regain my love for reading during those years too!

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  2. I’m not going to comment apart from saying the films were too angst teen for me so I’m guessing the books are not for me. We had a few HP characters in our school too, my teacher & I dresses as Lord of the Rings Elves – she was Arwen and I went as Legolas.

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