Fairyloot Unboxing: January 2020 – Moon and Stars

Fairyloot Unboxing – January 2020

Theme = Moon and Stars

📚 Moon Phases Necklace (Designed by @noverantale)

I am not much of a necklace wearer but I have converted this into a pin!

📚 Moon Trinket Tray (By Fairyloot)

It’s rainbow effect! It’s now holding my hair clips on my dresser!

📚 Illuminae Star Notebook (Featuring a quote from The Illuminae Files, Designed by Fairyloot)

Oh gawd I love a notebook! Couldn’t be happier with this!

📚 Dragon Keychain (Designed by @dustandpages, Inspired by Even The Darkest Stars)

It glows in the dark! I love a keyring!

📚 Moon and Stars Paperclips (From Fairyloot)

These are just utterly cute. But now the conundrum…..do I take to work and risk them being stolen or do I use at home…but no one will see them?!!



📚 Dreamy Moon Cushion Cover (Art by @beckythornsdesigns, Featuring a quote from Oscar Wilde)

This is just beautiful and so, so soft!

📚 Starry Fairy Lights (By Fairyloot)

Love! They are currently sat around my Sarah J Maas shelf!




Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez

Exclusive Cover ✔

Artwork on reverse of jacket ✔

Embossed ✔

Signed ✔

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