Fairyloot Unboxing – November 2019

Fairyloot Unboxing – November 2019

Theme = Magical Folk

Another great box, not the one I’ve been most excited about but still good. The book is just beautiful.



πŸ“š 12 Month Reading Journal πŸ“š

Illustrations of the zodiac signs by @monolimeart and includes a year long reading challenge!

I love these, they are just so useful and now there is a reading challenge included (not that I was going to do any this year!!!)


πŸ“š Wooden Ornament πŸ“š

Featuring a quote from Dumbledore by @kdpletters

Got to love the wise Dumbledore, this will go on my Christmas tree!!!


πŸ“š Secret Book Volume 2 πŸ“š

Designed by @noverantale

Just as my other volume was full, fab!


πŸ“š Sleep Mask πŸ“š

Featuring a quote from strange the Dreamer with lettering by @stellabookishart

I don’t think I could sleep with one of these on but my son has already taken it!!!!


πŸ“š Wooden Bookmark πŸ“š

Inspired by Spin the Dawn with art from @merwildandco with lettering from @catarinabookdesigns

Yay, bookmark! Another for my collection!


πŸ“š Iron On Patch πŸ“š

Inspired by Angel Fall designef by @bookmarkd.tattoos

I don’t know what I will do with this as it’s not really my thing…..


πŸ“š Bookish Phone Holder πŸ“š

Designed by @noverantale

I don’t think I will use mine for it’s intended purpose but I really think its beautiful.


πŸ“š Tarot Cards πŸ“š

Inspired by Stalking Jack the Ripper and designed by @loweana.art



A River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy

βœ” Black sprayed edges

βœ” Exclusive cover

βœ” Signed

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