Review: Wicked Webs by Coralee June and Raven Kennedy

The Void was a great read so when I was offered an arc of this, I had to have it!

Title: Wicked Webs

Authors: Coralee June & Raven Kennedy

I’m possessed. Deadly.
Raised as a vampire, I’m no stranger to blood. But when power-hungry supes force a ritual on me, I become something else entirely.

The black widow.

I’ve been on the run for almost a decade, my only companion the spider that lives within me. She makes me strong, and I revel in that power, but it’s fueled with the need to feed.

Unfortunately, carnal cannibalism isn’t exactly trending. But by the time I lure my victims to my bed, it’s too late for them. When they finally see the hourglass on my throat, I’m already draining them dry.

But there’s more supes like me. Abducted victims forced into possessions that change their lives forever. I’m determined to save them all.

With the help of an old friend, a risk demon, and a rare gargoyle, I put a plan into motion that will end Spector Inc.’s plan to make an army of stronger, deadlier supes.

I just hope I can handle this wicked web of lies and make it out alive.

Holy spider webs spiderman!

Imagine being possessed by a black widow who likes to feed from sex. (I cant think of anything better!!!) Get your towels and tissues out ladies cause your going to need them!

Tomb…gaaaaah he is my Gritt.

Crow… those birdies!

Risk…..gotta take a risk sometimes!

And poor old Motley….’Sometimes connections were bred from tragedy.’

I was at 50% before I knew it. And it all became clear. Then 87%, then 100%. The whole book in 1 sitting and all I could think was…..genius! Absolute genius! And I want more!

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