Mini Review Monday!!!

I read the below books in October but what with the flurry of spooky Halloween posts I had, I’ve held off posting until, well, now!


Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye

Firstly cover = hawt!

Secondly, blurb: Being stuck in a lift with a tattooed hunk sounds a-ok to me! I’d probably get stuck with Mr Smelly aged 68 knowing my luck!

But 115 pages?? I was like where’s the rest?!!! (Yes I know this is a duet and the story carries on in the next book!)

But holy hotness this hit the spot I needed! It was hot, it was cute and I love the premise!



Infatuation by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Justin! Yes I couldn’t wait for this book!

A whirlwind romance and a little passenger made this novella a sweet, cute addition to the fabulous series.

‘You’re everything I didn’t expect to find.’

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