The Harry Potter Book Tag!


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I’ve seen this tag on a few blogs now and as it’s nearing Halloween I didn’t think there was a better tag than Harry Potter!

Note: There are spoilers below. If you haven’t read the series then do not read on!


Favourite Book

Goblet of Fire – I mean, come on! It features the Twiwizard Tournament, the Quidditch world cup, The Yule Bull, Viktor Krum and of course Cedric Diggory (I’m still not over it!)

Favourite Movie

Prisoner of Azkaban – the film I think the lead characters really came into their own in plus the fact that Sirius and Lupin stepped up into father figures to Harry, warmed my heart!

Least favourite book

Half Blood Prince – firstly I want to say that none of the books were ever bad but this book just didn’t have that ‘oomph’ for me. And I don’t even know why!

Part of the books/movies that made you cry

Losing Dumbledore and Sirius….don’t make me re-live it….waaaaaah 😭

Favourite character


  • He would do anything for his friends.
  • He is so loyal.
  • A hopeless romantic
  • He is just genuine.
  • And he has the coolest pets ever!


What would your Patronus be?

A dragon and my son would agree! 😂

If you could have the Resurrection Stone, the Invisibility Cloak, or the Elder Wand, which one would you choose?

Invisibility Cloak, so I could sneak around and not have to make small talk with people! Just let me get my milk Brenda, we dont need to discuss the weather!

What house would you be in?

The test determines I am a …….Ravenclaw

If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?

Gary Oldman…swoon! ❤

If you were on the Quidditch team, what position would you play?

Oh god I’m not really that sporty. Is there a sitting and eating chocolate position? No? Ok then, goalie!!!

Were you happy with the ending?

Yes and no. I was disappointed that Hermione ended up with Ron, but otherwise I loved everything else about it.

How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

The series really got me back into reading. I was fascinated with it and it just warmed my heart that a boy with such a rubbish start in his life found his place, his home, his heart in the magical place of Hogworts. Of course it wasn’t all plain sailing but you know!!!

4 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Book Tag!

  1. Gary Oldman would really be interesting to meet! He wowed me in The Darkest Hour impersonating Churchill! And it’s thanks to Harry that I began reading in English as I had no patience to wait for the translation 😉

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  2. Ahh yes Goblet of Fire is probably my favourite (though it’s very close). Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely my favourite movie (even though it made huge changes and even though there were parts of the book I’d have loved to have seen in the film, it worked for the medium so well) I hear you about half blood prince. hehe that’s awesome your patronus would be a dragon!! Awesome that you’re a Ravenclaw- me too 😀 I had so much fun reading this!!

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