Review: Void by Coralee June and Raven Kennedy

I think by the blurb and my review you get the jist! This was just what I wanted to read!

Title: Void

Authors: Coralee June and Raven Kennedy

I was born of nothing.

I’m a Void, a rare supernatural capable of absorbing powers at the brush of my skin.

Feared. Hated. Untouchable.

Thibault Academy is full of supernaturals that want me dead, and the most powerful of them, the Paragons, will stop at nothing to ensure I go back to the hell I came from. They’re cruel, heartless, and have created an unlikely alliance to take me down.

If I want to learn how to control the nothingness, I’ll have to survive them.

I was born of the void, but I’ll die from the power.

This is a reverse harem bully romance.

Firstly readers, let me give you some advice. Before reading, grab a towel and and some tissues cause this read is going to hit all the feels. All the feels, amongst other errrm, feelings!!!!

Another piece of advice. You will want to read this book in 1 sitting so make sure you have the time. No one wants to see your sex face wandering round the supermarket so choose your sofa, or your bed to read!

Advise number 3. Make sure you only have socks on. Shoes will do you no good when you kick your own bum for not reading this sooner. Take it from me, it hurts and it’s also hard to kick your own bum, gotta watch those pulled muscles!

I think you can gather from my copious amount of advice that I loved this book.


Yours sincerely

PNR lover

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