Dinner Date with an author . . .


I was watching a TV programme with my son and it was celebrity chefs training and putting to the test, kids in a restaurant. They served, waited on and cooked a 3 course meal for a host of celebrities in a real restaurant setting.

And that got me thinking…….

If you could have an author over for dinner…who would the author be and what would you serve?

Doesn’t have to be fancy (I mean I can see Jay Kristoff being ok with pizza!)


Who: Sarah J Maas (I would probably sit and stare at her all fangirly for quite a while!)

Unforts for Sarah this would be a gluten free meal as I have celiac disease and wouldn’t want to be rushing off to the loo as soon as we’d eaten….I mean we need to get that book chat in!


Starters: a good old fashioned prawn cocktail!

Main: peri peri chicken with vegetable rice (and the peri peri needs to be HOT!!!)

Dessert: beignets (I saw her recent IG post and I realised I need one of those beauties!!!)

During coffee, I’d try and pull from her allllll the books she has in her head (and obviously try and score an advanced copy of each šŸ˜‚).


Who would you have and what would you serve?

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