Fairyloot Unboxing: August – Things Are Not What They Seem….


Fairyloot – August

Theme = Things Are Not What They Seem

Wow, this box is just totally amazing. I love every single item and it seals the deal for me that Fairyloot is the best book box around!

The Merciful Crow Pencil Case

This wasn’t on the box card but I love it! I always need a place for my many, many pens!

One Ring To Rule Them All Pocket Mirror

Based on The Lord of the Rings……just hope that naughty, evil wizard isnt peering back at me!!!

Mistborn Metal Bookmark based on Brandon Sandersons series with art by @in.the.reads

This is absolutely stunning and is very well received by me! I haven’t read the Mistborn series yet but it’s on my wishlist!

Cresswell Candle by @FlittheWick

Chocolate and coffee flavour…..just how I imagine him to smell….mmmmm!

Hair Scrunchies inspired by the covers of the Graceling Realm series by Kristin Cashore and designed by @taratjah

Lunar Cutlery Set featuring quotes from The Lunar Chronicles.

Now I couldnt of been happier about his. I was telling my family the other day that I need to get something like this to carry round with me due to the risk of cross contamination from ‘public’ utensils (I have celiac disease and its unpleasant let’s just say when I get glutened!)

2 tarot cards from the Harry Potter....The Hanged Man and The Star.

Ember in the Ashes Pillowcase with illustration by @_saintdri and lettering by @kdpletters

I love a cushion cover, my bed is literally covered with them though so I need to start putting in different places!



The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen

Exclusive art on the jacket ✔

Signed by the author ✔

Exclusive embossing on the cover ✔

📚 Readalong is 9th September 📚

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