Fairyloot Unboxing: June (Broody Banter)

Fairyloot – June

Theme = Broody Banter: inspired by characters that are broody and sarcastic!


Wow…this box is filled with some great items and I could not be happier with the book, I wanted this but hadn’t picked it up yet.


  • Raven Boys Patch by Bookmarkd.Tattoos with Ronan from The Raven Cycle.
  • Reading Journal (June to December) – design by FictonTea Designs and art by Monolimeart and features broody characters such as Manon, Cardan and Holland.
  • Simmer Down socks with a quote from Lux by Jennifer L Armentrout.
  • Bloodwitch Enamel Pin designed by IronandInkDesigns.
  • Woodmark by StellaBookishArt with a quote from Fire Falling by Elise Kova.
  • Mermaid Tea inspired by Lira from To Kill a Kingdom made by TheTeaLeafCo.
  • Secret Book of Banter designed by Noverantale. It’s a box where you can keep your bookish items which blends in with your books!
  • Enamel paper clips designed by Taratjah. Characters include Jacks and Rowan.
  • Print of Zuko from Avatar drawn by Taratjah.
  • Tarot cards featuring characters from Harry Potter.



Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Fairyloot exclusive ✔

Shimmery sprayed edges ✔

Signed ✔

Exclusive delete chapter ✔


Do you get Fairyloot?

What’s your favourite item?

4 thoughts on “Fairyloot Unboxing: June (Broody Banter)

  1. Woah I head of things like OwlCrate, but not really FairyLoot which seems super cool! And the theme of broody/sarcastic men is awesome, particularly because those are my favorite characters too read about. AND THAT PRINT OF ZUKO!! A total must need omg. Anyways thank you for sharing, I loved this post!!

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