Books bring me joy! My ramble about a loved series!

In 2014 I was going through a MC romance stage and I happened across an author called Jamie Begley and her series called The Last Riders.

I started off with book 1 (obviously!) and then went on to devour every book in the series when it was released. This series (and the interconnecting series) really gave me such joy! I’m typing this and am wondering if it makes me sound daft!

For me it’s not even the stories. It’s the characters. I love them and want to see them get their happy endings. It sounds stupid but it feels like I know them, I’m happy for them, sad for them and in the end, joyous for them. I cant even help it!

There are 26 books altogether as there are 4 other interconnected series: Biker Bitches, VIP Room, Predators MC and The Porter Brothers.

This is The Last Riders reading order:

  • Razer’s Ride (TLR) Book 1
  • Viper’s Run (TLR) Book 2
  • Knox (TLR) Book 3
  • Shade’s Fall (TLR) Book 4
  • Cash’s Fight (TLR) Book 5
  • Shade (TLR) Book 6
  • Lucky’s Choice (TLR) Book 7
  • Winters Touch (TLR) Book 8
  • Trains Clash (TLR) Book 9
  • Riders Revenge (TLR) Book 10

I’ve read them all. I’ve loved them all. And want more and more!!!

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