What are you drinking Wednesday?

It’s the middle of the working week so I thought it would be nice to have a night to kick back with a beverage and talk all things books!

This week…..PR companies…do you sign up?

When I started out blogging there were so many PR companies and I wanted to make an impression, so I signed up with loads of them for everything!

I posted the html content they sent….but that got old, quickly!


I stopped posting tour material on my website as I wanted that to be my own voice so just posted to my blog Facebook page….and here we are today……but I might as well be talking to myself on there!

I’m wondering whether to sign up at all now for tours, cover reveals etc so I want to know what you all do….

Do you participate in reveals, tours etc?

How many in a month?

Do you think Facebook is a lost cause for blogs?

12 thoughts on “What are you drinking Wednesday?

  1. I don’t like Facebook, there are many people who have said racist and mean things to me. So I stay away.
    I have 13 Tours in the next month 🙈


  2. I on,y participate with authors I really like or if I need to have a different kind of post. They are really rare though. I do have a Facebook page and get a little traffic from it, but unless an author shares it its not really effective.

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    1. I used to sign up for promo only for a lot of stuff (authors I’d heard of or liked/loved) and also arcs of authors I love or where the blurb grabbed me….but it got too much so now I’m cutting back to just authors I’ve read (this is all for Facebook). I’m having 2 months of not signing up for anything in July and August to see how I go…..and then decide from there what to do!!!


  3. I’ve never participated in tours or cover reveals because to be completely honest, I never read the posts others make with them… unless I know the author, but even then I barely glance at them.

    I think I might start participating in some, but only for my very favorite authors.

    I don’t have a Facebook page for my blog, I do have a Twitter and Instagram though. I think Twitter is essential, Instagram is great but not necessary and I can’t think of a good use for Facebook without repeating content from the other two. I’m curious to know how others use it, though!

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    1. I’m so disillusioned with FB at the moment. I used to love it and the book community there but now it seems that no one sees anything so I just think it’s a lot of work for nothing.

      I’m doing a trial…not signing up for anything in July or August and seeing how it goes (unless it’s my fave authors!)


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