Mini Review: Eli’s Triumph by Joanna Wylde

I do love a Reapers MC read!  Ruger stole my heart when I read his part of the series many years ago and I’ve followed this series since…..

Peaches Taylor spent the last seven years slinging drinks and dodging drunks at the Starkwood Saloon. Some might call it a dead end job, but to her it was an investment—another six months, and she’d have enough money to buy the place.

Life would’ve been perfect if Eli hadn’t come home.

Eli King is ready to settle down. He stood by his brothers when they needed him, paying the price for their freedom with his own. Now it’s time to claim his reward—the Starkwood Saloon. He’s got the cash to buy the bar, the skills to run it, and just one person standing between him and his dream: Peaches Taylor.

She’s been driving him crazy since they were kids, and not in the good way. When she was six, she shoved a spider down his pants. When he was ten, he locked her in a closet overnight. Then she hot-wired his car at seventeen, and things got ugly…

They’re adults now, and the Starkwood isn’t a toy to fight over—it’s the hill they’ll die on. No prisoners. No compromises. No mercy.

Peaches Taylor and Eli King are going to war.

Back in the Reapers world (a place I love!) and up to the bat is Peaches and Eli….


Omg I loved this story! Peaches is one angry woman! I loved her!


The pranks, the revenge, the games….superb!


‘Time seemed to freeze in that instant, marking the spot where my life transitioned from before to after.’

Enemies to lovers at its best!

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